Who We Are

Basic Institute for Zonal African Advancement (BIZAA) is an international, nonprofit organization dedicated to the empowerment of the youngest citizens of southern Africa through grass-root efforts to eliminate child labor and child trafficking, to provide education through sponsorship, and to generate micro-grant programs for the families.
Our Mission:
To provide education, technical training and job placement to STOP child trafficking and child labor, one child at a time.
Our Vision:

  • Develop Friends of BIZAA relationships with religious organizations, schools and corporations.
  • Initiate viable strategies that will bring underprileged children home to their families and will keep them off the streets, factories and farms.
  • Facilitate enrollment of younger children into existing school systems.
  • Initiate the building of a vocational school for young adults.
  • Maintain a micro-grant program to replace lost family income when a child laborer goes to school.
  • Develop and maintain educational curriculum for religous organizations and schools via our Children Serving Children program, in order to educate our local children about the significance of global solidarity and the problems of child labor and domestic servitude.




Meet Okey Anyanwu, Founder and President of BIZAA. Listen to his story about what it was like growing up in Nigeria, Africa and how watching children forced to work on the streets instead of going to school altered the course of his life.

You’ll also meet several of our sponsors that share their heart-warming and inspiring stories on how sponsoring has made a positive impact on the lives of their sponsored children and also on their lives as well.