Who We Are - Our Story

From the Founder

By Okey Anyanwu, BIZAA Founder and President

We would like to thank the Friends of BIZAA for their immense support. We are grateful to all child sponsors who have renewed their commitment to sponsor a child in school, and to those who have just signed up to sponsor rescued victims of child trafficking and child labor.

Our unpaid local and international volunteers have remained the propellers of this great cause either as Board members, subcommittee members or as a team member of our Nigerian chapter. On behalf of the victims of child trafficking and child labor under our care, may I thank you all!

BIZAA continues to identify and rescue child laborers and trafficking victims through our annual mission trips to Imo State, Nigeria. With each mission trip, we hope to make a positive impact on every little town in Southeastern and the Deep South zones in Nigeria.

We continue to enroll identified victims in private, faith-based primary and secondary schools in Imo State. And we continue to fundraise with our goal of acquiring land for the construction of an international technical college. This technical college will facilitate a full implementation of our mission of availing our rescued children and other interested young adults with employable technical skills. In the meantime, we have decided to start with a rented building for our technical college while continuing to fundraise. 

Our list of sponsored children graduating from secondary schools grows, with classes in the technical college rental facility starting in January 2016. The technical college is located in Omuma in Oru-East of Imo State about 20 minutes drive north from Owerri. We have started with computer basics for all the vocational trades and will expand with time.

We are in need of your continued support to bring these opportunities to reality. If you feel called to help us move these children from the streets to classrooms please consider a donation or contact me to learn how you can help.

Thank you.

Okey's Story: Moving African Children from the Streets to Classrooms.

Meet Okey Anyanwu, Founder and President of BIZAA. Listen to his story about what it was like growing up in Nigeria, Africa and how watching children forced to work on the streets instead of going to school altered the course of his life.  

You’ll also meet several of our sponsors that share their heart-warming and inspiring stories on how sponsoring has made a positive impact on the lives of their sponsored children and also on their lives as well.



  Okey Anyanwu