International Projects


We are in the process of constructing the first International BIZAA College of Industrial Technology for rescued young adult victims of child labor and child trafficking in Imo State, Nigeria. This college will house the majority of our local programs and will serve students from the 11 state area of the Southeastern and deep Southern zones of Nigeria which has a population of more than 41 million residents.

This technical institute will offer the graduates of secondary school employable technical skills in a variety of sustainable practices. Programs include: building construction engineering, tailoring fundamentals, nursing, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, information technology, welding and fabrication, and carpentry and joinery. Students will be equipped with the skills needed to become productive members of their families and communities, moving beyond forced street labor.

While we raise funds to build the permanent technical college, we have rented a temporary facility for classes beginning in 2016 that will service our secondary school graduates. Currently, we are working to obtain land and develop construction guidelines for the main proposed college campus.

Donating to this cause will ensure that the youngest citizens of Africa, beginning with Nigeria, will have the opportunity to receive technical training that promises a better future for themselves and will give them the tools needed to thrive and not just survive. As Okey Anyanwu, Founder and President of BIZAA, says, “Give them hooks and not fish.”

Contact Okey now at to learn how you can support our mission of building the first international technical college for victims of child labor and child trafficking in Nigeria.