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Help Fund Technical School Operational Expenses

33% Donated/$50,000 To Go
While we work to build the first technical school in Nigeria, we are currently renting a temporary facility for technical training of our young adults who have completed secondary schooling. In order to keep the temporary school open we need to...
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Many of Our Technical College Level Youth Have Been Waiting for Over Two Years for a Sponsor

29% Donated/$91,400 To Go
Meet some of our youth who have been waiting in anticipation and hope for a sponsor and a more promising future: Samuel, 19 years old, Manual laborer and bread-winner for a family of five. Obi, 22 years old, She has...
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Support a Mission Trip

63% Donated/$7,100 To Go
NEXT MISSION TRIP WITH OKEY: May 18-28, 2017 BIZAA mission trips to Nigeria, Africa provide a learning experience for both the participants and members of the Nigerian community. Those who join us on one of our mission trips will have a life-changing experience. Okey...
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Help Build the BIZAA College of Technology and Nursing

0% Donated/$1,000,000 To Go
One of our long term goals is to construct the first building of the BIZAA College of Technology and Nursing for young adults that have completed secondary schooling. The technical college will offer a variety of programs that include: building construction...
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